(Pink) - Scrunch Frisbee (Pink)

Colour Name: Pink

The Scrunch Frisbee is a fantastically floppy outdoor accessory that can be squished, squashed, bent, folded and rolled up without ever losing shape! Tactile and soft to touch, Scrunch Frisbee's are made from non-toxic, food-grade silicone and are perfect for the beach or garden. Not your average frisbee, the Scrunch Frisbee won't take up any room in your luggage and is a must-have holiday-item! Made from a super graspable material that is easy for little hands to grip and throw. Available in blue, green and pink. Age . Diameter: 175mm.

Dimensions: 20 x 21 x 7 centimetres (0.18 kg)

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名作 (ピンク) (Pink) Frisbee Scrunch - (Pink) - スクランチーフリスビー(ピンク)【海外直送】 --その他

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名作 (ピンク) (Pink) Frisbee Scrunch - (Pink) - スクランチーフリスビー(ピンク)【海外直送】 --その他

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